Wedding Investment

I only offer all day wedding coverage to my clients.  Why?  Because I want to capture every little detail you put into planning your day.  I want your day to be relaxed so you're not cramming everything into a 6-8 hour time frame and rushing through your day. I want you to enjoy your day, take in every moment, enjoy each other and the company that has joined in celebrating your love with you.  I want you to really experience how amazing it is to get married!


Offering Local Saskatchewan Wedding Coverage


I love adventure and travel so I also offer

Canadian Wide Packages + Canadian Elopement Packages


I have a "bucket list" of places that would be a dream to photograph a wedding at; I also have a bonus for any couple who books me to document their day at one of these locations. To learn more....Head over to the contact tab, I'd love to connect with you and hear your love story!  Or skip the form and give me a call at 306-261-3351.



It is of the utmost importance that I provide my clients with quality products.  I run a business that promotes quality because I understand the value of the product that I am providing.  A wedding day is non-repeatable.  You have one chance at getting great photos and I respect that.  There is value in experience, always remember this.
While  your  wedding  dress  will  get  hung  up  after  the wedding  and  your  makeup  will  be  washed  off  and  your hair combed through, the investment you make into your wedding  photos  will  be  the  only investment  you  make whose value will actually increase over time.











I have paired up with Whiskey & Wildflowers Videography here in Saskatoon to bring you Video packages for your wedding.  Please inquire about date availability and packages/prices.